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PICO RIVERA — SoCalGas officials got the word out on Wednesday, June 22, cautioning people digging underground to watch out for underground pipelines.

Officials held a demonstration in Pico Rivera designed to caution people planning to build, or even just landscaping a yard, to take precautions to not hit the pipelines while digging.

The consequences range from serious injury to property damage to the loss of utility service, official said.

The reason is that the pipelines are so deceptively close: Under streets, sidewalks, private property, and can be just inches below the surface.

If planning work, officials urged customers to call Underground Service Alert at 811 at least two working days before excavating. The service coordinates with SoCalGas and other utility owners in the area to mark the locations of buried utility-owned lines.

The Underground Service Alert is available between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Here are some tips from SoCalGas for “before you dig”:

– Mark out the planned excavation area in white paint or other suitable boundaries;

– Call underground Service Alert at 811 from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) or submit a location request online at at least two working days before digging;

– Wait until either the utility company marks its natural gas pipelines and indicates pipe material and diameter, or until the utility advises that the area is clear before you start digging;

– SoCalGas uses only yellow paint, flags or stakes to mark out the location of its natural gas pipes. Other utility owners use other colors to mark their telephone, communications, water or other underground lines; and

– Officials recommend using only hand tools within 24 inches of each marked utility line to carefully expose the exact locations of all lines before using any power excavation equipment in the area.


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