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Time is running out on the Arkansas Nonprofit News Network’s NewsMatch campaign. The nonprofit, which I founded in 2016 on the side of my work for the Arkansas Times and which former Times editor Benji Hardy now runs, is only $1,000 away from unlocking local matching dollars that will help ANNN continue to dig deeper into the complicated news stories that matter to you.

ANNN’s focus is outside the daily news cycle. With funding from grants and individual donors, ANNN hires writers, editors, fact-checkers and photographers on a contract basis. Their reporting is then distributed for free to other media statewide, including newspapers, radio, TV and online outlets. The Arkansas Times website has published just about every piece of journalism ANNN has produced.

These are troubled times we’re living in, and there are endless deserving nonprofits trying to help. But please consider ANNN in your year-end giving. I continue to believe that investigative and public service journalism can make a difference. Donate here.