Oscars 2022: Best and worst dressed celebrities

Tiffany wore a custom made Dolce & Gabbana with a dripping emerald necklace and I got to give it to her. Well done Tiff!

This soft baby blue hues from Roberto Cavalli is so sexy. Maybe not sophisticated and glamorous but gorgeous.

A tulle dress that is giving cinderella energy feels very Oscar Awards and we love it.

Lily James looks so gorgeous in this floral, soft pink gown. The little choker goes so well with the outfit. The look screams red carpet ready.

Emilia takes this sequinned nude number from Dolce & Gabbana to another level and you have to love it.

Jessica is certainly a midsummer dream in this gown, the way the colour changes from the top to the bottom. The hairstyle though, I am not here for it, a wavy look would have been better.

She looked regal, like a queen in this yellow number. She dressed for her body and it just made sense.

Serena looked like she was going to church with those sleeves. Not a good look at all.

This outfit does not go well with her personality or the hair and makeup. She looks as if she is drowning in it.

Is Billie channelling her gothic side? Anyways, the painful part of this outfit is that it is Gucci. Such a waste of designer luxury.

Jean looked like she was going to a funeral. Completely outrageous.

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