Moms for Liberty leader banned from school grounds over shooting comment files lawsuit

Moms for Liberty activist Melissa “Missy” Bosch is stirring things up again. Today she filed a federal lawsuit against the Cabot School District, its superintendent and the city of Cabot.

Bosch’s lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Little Rock, complains that the school district, with the city’s help, has prevented her from entering public school property unless she provides “special notice” and gets “special permission.”

As we have previously reported, a police report indicated Bosch was no longer being allowed on Cabot’s public school campus, with what police said were some exceptions, due at least in part to a statement she made June 9 at a Moms for Liberty meeting at Crossroads Cafe in Cabot.

Melissa “Missy” Bosch, photographed in August of 2021 at a school board meeting, where she was objecting to mask requirements.

After the meeting, an anonymous person posted audio clips in which Bosch, a prominent anti-masker, mused about gunning down a librarian in the Cabot School District.

In the recording, a woman can be heard complaining about a librarian who she says makes $85,000 a year. “I’m telling you, if I had any mental issues, they would all be plowed down by a freaking gun right now,” the woman says.

Police confirmed in the report that Bosch is the person who made the statement about the gun, though the report quotes her as saying, “If I had any mental issues, they would all be plowed down with a gun by now.”

The audio is at times muffled and hard to understand, perhaps explaining the slightly different accounts of what Bosch actually said.

Police ultimately decided not to charge Bosch because they said her “statement was not made in the context of a threat.”

Bosch, 45, is administrator of the Moms for Liberty Lonoke County, AR Facebook page.

The Cabot School District declined comment on the lawsuit, saying, “Upon the advice of legal counsel, the District will not comment on pending litigation,” and referred questions to the Bequette, Billingsley & Kees law firm. Attorney Jay Bequette said he had not seen the complaint and also declined comment.

In the complaint, Bosch contends the audio clip was “taken out of context, to falsely make it sound like Melissa Bosch wanted to shoot up a school.”

The lawsuit says Bosch called the police herself and filed a police report, “knowing she never threatened anyone and the clip sounded altered.” Cabot police confirmed today that Bosch filed a report on June 13.

Cabot Superintendent Tony Thurman filed a police report June 14 and, according to Bosch, also called the FBI and stated that Bosch threatened to shoot employees at the school. She said Thurman never contacted her “to find out the facts.”

Frankly, it stands to reason that Thurman did not contact Bosch directly but let police handle the matter to avoid escalating a potentially volatile situation.

Bosch complained that Thurman had a Cabot police officer and a school resource officer hand-deliver a letter to her stating that she is barred from the campus unless she calls 24 hours in advance.

Bosch also took aim at school board member Kevin Tipton who she said is treasurer of the Lonoke County Republican Party committee. She said he sent her an email “furthering the lie that she was going to harm people and if he should be worried for himself and others at the next Republican Committee meeting.” Bosch did not name Tipton as an individual defendant.

Thurman said in his police report that “Bosch has been very outspoken at school board meetings. Due to her conduct, he was concerned about the comment on the recording.”

We just learned of the police report filed by Bosch and have requested access to it.

The conservative Moms for Liberty group has led campaigns against mask mandates in schools and has pushed to remove books and curriculum that address sexuality, LGBTQ rights, racism or discrimination.



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