Meet Giammarco Antoci, A master sculptor of sporting gears

The SNK project was born in Sicily that marries street culture and craftsmanship.

Antoci and his gifted team carve wood and other materials to give life to sneakers and other sportswears that are artworks.

Giammarco Antoci and the SNK-Lab use Oak, eucalyptus, pear as sculpting elements team because of its roots in Sicily, and their works feature the colors and shades of local wood and the Ragusa earth.

To create their works, Antoci and his team mainly use local raw materials and recycled materials.

One of SNK’s most prominent masterpieces is the swingback jersey of former NBA and LA Laker legend Kobe Bryant.

The art was made entirely of a block of pine wood that was rescued in a fire.

Antoci and SNK-LAB also work, using other materials, such as pitch stone, with which they have created a couple of Jordan sneaker models as well as Air Force 1s and Vans.

Their first sculpted set of sneakers were all Jordans made entirely from wood.

The masterpiece was intended for Italian professional basketball player – Marco Belinelli.

However, in addition to sneakers, Giammarco Antoci and the SNK-Lab group also sculpt and build other works like tree houses, a Carthaginian ship, amongst a host of others.

Here are some other incredible works by Antoci and the SNK team:

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