Lisa Parks made a heckuva run in a special Senate election for a seat around Springdale, but fell 34 votes short against a Republican candidate, Colby Fulfer, in what has been a traditional Republican district.

She’s running again. The district will likely be smaller if redistricting holds. I don’t know from precinct analysis if that is better or worse for Parks.

But she’s running. Democrats can’t make inroads if they don’t run and run hard. She ran hard.

By the way, Fulfer ought to be investigated by the state Ethics Commission for reporting that his early financing came from a loan from his business. In theory, loans are supposed to be personal or from financial institutions. It will be a cold day when the Ethics Commission gets serious about ethics laws by initiating investigations of material in plain view and making miscreants pay. But a truly effective ethics watchdog also would take stiffer penalties and repeal of the mulligan rule the legislature passed that lets a filer claim ignorance and correct “mistakes” with no foul called. The legislature get tough on itself? Don’t hold your breath.

Fulfer told the Democrat-Gazette he hadn’t decided whether to run in the May primary for a full term in the new district. State Rep. Clint Penzo, a Republican, has already said he’ll be in the race.