COVID today: Hospital count climbs; new cases rise 2,414

The Christmas break seems to have encouraged a significant spread of COVID-19.

The Arkansas Department of Health reports that 570 people are hospitalized today, a jump of 51 from Monday. There are 194 in ICU, compared with 188 yesterday, and 105 on ventilators, down two from Monday. But there were more deaths.

The other numbers are not good either:

Total cases: 553,808, an increase of 2,414 — the biggest since Sept. 9.

Active cases: 11,714, an increase of 1,624.

Deaths: 9,097, an increase of 16.

Vaccinations: An increase of a bit more than 9,000 shots. Another undistinguished day.

PS: The Twitter report on the increasing problem in Arkansas features an ER doctor, Jerrilyn Jones, who happens to be married to Chris Jones, a Democratic candidate for governor.

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