Confirmed: Amazon adding facility near Walmart HQ in Northwest Arkansas

IN PROGRESS: Amazon facility in Benton County. (ADEQ map.)

Activity noted at the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for discharge permits for an Amazon warehouse on Lincoln Street in Lowell, not far from Walmart headquarters in Bentonville.

The warehouse, likely to be a “last-mile” delivery center for the online retailer, will include parking for hundreds of delivery vehicles, according to site plans. Figure many more employees will be required inside to sort and distribute parcels.

The project is being developed by a division of the Crossland Realty Group. Permits were issued in September and November for work at the site, including an industrial stormwater permit specifically for Services LLC.

The project has been rumored for more than a year, but unconfirmed by the parties.

Lots of goods in motion in that part of Arkansas. Up the road, Walmart is experimenting with drones and autonomous trucks to deliver its goods along with old school big box stores.




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