Chaotic life of an HR: The surprise package (Ep.47)

I looked around my room to see most of my clothes scattered on the floor around my wardrobe, the consequence of my actions from yesterday. Overwhelmed with how much work I had to do to arrange it, I bounced on my bed. Again, my phone was ringing; it was from the previous caller. I answered.

“Oga! I said I’m not the one that ordered…

But he cut in quickly in a louder tone, “could you please let me explain? This order was not made by you but for someone else on your behalf.

“Hehehe…” I muttered. “Okay, I responded as I confirmed the address.

After the conversation with the dispatch rider, I decided to call my friend Ijeoma. The phone rang for a while before she answered.

“Enny baby, what’s popping?” She asked.

“Girl, I’m fine o, I have a gist for you,” I said to her. She screamed in excitement. Ijeoma is that friend that always has something interesting to say to me; I only give her reports about love life crises because, with me, there is absolutely nothing interesting to talk about.

So when I tell her that there’s a gist to share, her reaction is always second to none.

“Tell me about it, joor” she said.

So I narrated the office-stalker episode; how my journey with Mr. Tayo, and a date scheduled for the night. She was so excited that I was willing to give love a chance again after my experience with my last heartbreak so I didn’t leave any table unturned with details.

“Oh lest I forget, I just got a call from a dispatch rider that I have a delivery, and I don’t even know who it is from,” I said to her.

“I feel like the package is from him, or what do you think?” I asked.

“You know you can’t be too sure with men, that’s why I’m not sure.” don’t worry about it, be calm, you’d find out soon,” she said, giggling.

“Wow, Mr. Tayo must be such a lover boy to have sent me a package on the morning of our first official date,” I thought to myself, blushing.

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