5 myths and facts about breast cancer

Here are some misconceptions and myths about breast cancer.

Here are some myths about breast cancer;

Fact: Only a few breast lumps are cancerous. Mammography is better than checking for lumps in your breasts.

If you go solely by self-examination for lumps in the breast, by the time you realize the lumps are there, the cancerous cell would have moved from the breasts to the lymph nodes.

This does not mean you should not self-examine your breasts for lumps. Skin irritation, strange discharge from the breasts are other symptoms of breast cancer.

Fact: Only 10% of women with a family history of breast cancer actually get it. Although breast cancer is linked with hereditary and genes, it is a major cause.

People believe that an underwire bra can cause breast cancer because it stops the lymph fluid from flowing out of the breast and leads to a build-up of toxic substances.

Fact: There is no scientific evidence or research to support this claim.

Fact: There is no scientific connection between deodorants, body spray and antiperspirants.

Fact: Sugar leads to weight gain and causes diabetes. Diabetes is linked to a higher chance of getting breast cancer, but it is not a direct reason.

Early detection of breast cancer, self-examination and mammography are paramount in reducing the risk.

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